Amir Karian

Position: Manager, Owner
Monterey Mushrooms
Categories: Speakers

Amir Karian is part of family ownership of Monterey Mushrooms, the leading producer and marketer of fresh mushrooms, spawn, and mushroom genetics around the world. Amir began his career working in the biotech sector but his passion for mycology expanded after battling a personal chronic illness, where he was first introduced to the world of medicinal mushrooms.

Learning firsthand the power that medicinal mushrooms had on his own health and being a part of a long-standing mushroom family organization was a blessing he wanted to use to enhance other people’s lives.

Amir created the Monterey Mushrooms Nutraceutical Division and spent the next several years developing new mushroom genetics while expanding mushroom farms and processing facilities throughout California.

His focus now is using his multi-generational knowledge of mushroom production to research, develop, and grow the highest quality medicinal mushrooms locally in California and support the next generation of mushroom-based companies and entrepreneurs.